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Reviews – Shadowed Souls

Henry Ike Pierce and his friends are looking for paradise in Hawai’i. They find anything but. Murder and international intrigue spoil the tranquil destination wedding for Ike’s buddy, Eddie. This sophomore outing of the Peculiar Activities series from Mark Edward Jones is a fast-paced tale that surfs to a thrilling conclusion, and I was happy to be along for the ride!

Detective Henry Ike Pierce joins his family and colleagues to celebrate his partner’s destination wedding in Hawaii, but this one turns out to be anything but a honeymoon in paradise. The “I do’s” have barely been vowed when this romantic celebration morphs into a nightmare of mayhem, murder, and a race against time to destroy a brutal group of international assassins hellbent on exacting deadly revenge on Detective Pierce for eliminating the leader of the group. Thriller author Mark Edward Jones takes readers on a whiplash-fast rollercoaster ride of emotions. Just when the heroes are out of the woods, another seemingly impossible mountain to climb smacks them in the face. Mr. Jones has created a cast of imperfect, but believable characters readers quickly become invested in and root for. The detail of local language, social mores, architecture, food, and geographic scenery that Jones wove into the story gave it a high level of authenticity that enriched the tale. If you like a story with a plot that whips you around like a whirligig and keeps you guessing how it’s going to turn out, this book is right up your alley. Shadowed Souls is a fast-paced tale sure to keep every reader on the edge of their seat and up long past bedtime and more than deserves the five-star rating this reader has awarded it.

Excellent follow-up to the first Pierce novel. Based on the action and storyline, I hope we can count on many more books with this international intrigue. Fun read!

Great read! The second book in the Henry Ike Pierce series, but unlike other sequels, this one stands alone pretty well by concisely summing up what you may have missed from the first book, usually with a wry understatement which I found particularly delightful. The original characters carry over well to this new Hawaiian backdrop, and the new characters are entertaining (especially Danny Keaka). Be careful who you trust! The book was well-paced and unpredictable, even more intriguing than the first book. It’s perfectly set up for another!

Another great read from this talented author. I love the main character, Henry, and enjoyed traveling with him to Hawaii. The setting was perfect, and I could imagine I was there. And the mystery and intrigue didn’t let up until the very end. The story kept me guessing right up to its exciting conclusion. Highly recommend it, and I can’t wait to read more in this series!

Another great read from new author Mark Jones! The story keeps you turning the pages as you get lost in the action in the beautiful setting of Hawaii. What starts out as a romantic wedding getaway quickly spirals into international intrigue as the team faces off against the bad guys introduced in Peculiar Activities. I look forward to more adventures from Ike and Eddie!

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