Shadowed Souls

This is the second book in the Henry Ike Pierce series, released on Halloween, 2022. In this mystery thriller, Detective Henry Ike Pierce travels to Hawaii to celebrate a colleague’s wedding. The serene setting is disrupted when a dying man on the beach utters cryptic words, pulling Henry into a new investigation tied to the criminal enterprise of Miomir Kurić. The narrative delves into themes of guilt and vengeance, as Henry grapples with his responsibility for a past death, which haunts him and endangers those around him​.

Jones’s work is noted for its intricate plotting and psychological depth. It explores how personal demons can cast long shadows over one’s life and professional duties. The book blends elements of a traditional whodunit with character-driven drama, making it a compelling read for fans of the genre​ (ThriftBooks)​.

Released Halloween 2022. Available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and others.

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“Each substance of a grief has twenty shadows.” William Shakespeare, Richard II.

Cover Artist: Tina Lynn Stout

A young detective finds paradise … and a man seeking vengeance.

Detective Henry Ike Pierce joins his colleagues to celebrate a destination wedding in Hawaii. Amid beautiful scenery and new friends, paradise has its surprises. A dying man on a beach utters seemingly disjointed words that may be a warning. Henry finds himself pulled into another maelstrom, pursuing elements of Miomir Kurić’s criminal enterprise, while a man seeks revenge for his father’s death, one caused by Henry Pierce.

His responsibility for the death torments Henry. The man’s lifeless face and staring eyes haunt Henry’s dreams, and his internal turmoil imperils his colleagues and endangers his loved ones. A friend warns him that our worst memories and grief hide in the shadows of our souls. This young detective’s guilt casts a long shadow.

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