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From the United States to Europe and back, this mystery adventure kept me turning pages. I’ll be checking out book two in the series, Shadowed Souls, to see what the main character Henry Ike Pierce is up to next!

I like Ike! The author has created some main characters that are people I’d like to know or feel as if I may already know, so I was easily drawn into the plot. And what a plot it is! I’m looking forward to book 2 in this series.

An intricate plot, well crafted. This book instantly gave me that ‘Cold War’ buzz. Though set much later, Jones gets the story going with just the right smack of flavour that sets the stage for an interesting ride as he delves into a Cold Case file.
The protagonist, a likable, all-American type, is a great character. You automatically get a feel for him and understand he is a strong enough lead to carry a series. His side-kicks help round out the team while the villains are believable, and the political and criminal intrigue is well sewn through the story.
A great start to a new series, one I look forward to reading!

Great book. The author brings the history of the Bosnian war and intrigue into the story. Highly recommended by our local book club.

Awesome from start to finish. Who can be trusted? Propelling plotlines that will keep you turning page after page as fast as you can read. Well done!!!

Intriguing story. Well-written with a complex plot and intriguing storyline make this a ‘must read’. The characters, especially Henry, are well-developed. Secondary characters play a significant role… some can be trusted, and some can’t. Can’t wait to see what happens in this detective’s life next.

Great suspense with a rich setting and fab characters. The author has woven a fascinating plot with realistic, interesting characters. Henry Ike Pierce is a great protagonist. The dialogue and setting are very genuine. I was drawn into the story from the opening and was engaged throughout. I love a good suspense/thriller and this book definitely fits the bill. I look forward to the next in the series.

Great new series! This book is nicely paced and the characters are complex enough to keep you reading. The varied settings of the storyline add interest to the plot. A first-time author, Mr. Jones has the potential to become a highly regarded writer. Looking forward to the next book in this series!

A high-caliber mystery. An international crime thriller of the highest caliber, this book hit all the numbers for me. With likable heroes and unpredictable villains, this book gets five well-earned stars from me. Well done!

Great book with mystery and suspense. It takes you out of the country for more intrigue.

Finished the novel this evening! It kept me interested and wanting to get to the end. Also, I like the intrigue of questioning some of the loyalty and trustworthiness of the main characters. I have given my recommendation for this novel to several of my friends and family.

Well-written, and the characters, especially Henry, are well-developed. Secondary characters are a large part of the plot … some can be trusted, but watch out. Can’t wait to see what happens in book 2.

Found it hard to put down – yet I stretched out reading it because I didn’t want it to end!! Really looking forward to the next one in September!!

A page-turner with engaging characters. Couldn’t get enough and am looking forward to more Detective Henry Ike Pierce books. A great read!

Waiting for more adventures. I was transported to Eastern Europe by interesting characters and an engaging story. Looking forward to what I hope will be more enjoyment as I follow future murder mysteries, solved by Ike!

Intriguing story and has interesting characters. The main characters are well-developed. Relatable personalities. Ready for book #2.

Great story with an interesting twist. Good read.

I like the characters and think the author will have fun with them. I even looked up the countries to learn a little history. Looking forward to the next HIP.

A great read… kept me guessing until the last pages. Can’t wait until Book 2 in the series.

Bravo. I read quite a bit and thought it better than some of the “best sellers” I’ve read recently.

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