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September 2023

September Newsletter with guest Christopher Farris.

August 2023

August Newsletter with guest Krysta Scott. Next Friday the 13th short story, A Wicked Fate, is up for preorder on August 13 for a delivery date of October 13.

July 2023

July Newsletter with guest Jon Minton. A discussion about lifting others to lift yourself.

June 2023

June Newsletter with guest Gary Robert Pinnell. Also, a discussion about BARD, the Goggle AI product.

May 2023

May Newsletter with guest Alicia Dean. Two-time award winner A Gentleman from the Darkness, and a new Friday the 13th short story coming in October.

April 2023

April Newsletter with guest Robert Herold. More about audiobooks and a fun Easter.

March 2023

March Newsletter with guest Jude Bayton. Audiobooks and a special St. Patrick’s Day picture.

February 2023

February Newsletter featuring guest Maribeth Garrett. News about the Hell is Empty audiobook and a special Valentine.

January 2023

January Newsletter featuring guest Susie Black. Upcoming book signings and a nice visit with the Book Buzz Book Club in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

December 2022

December Newsletter with guest Dr. J Hall and Okie Bookcast

November 2022

November Newsletter and guest author Betsey Kulakowski.

October 2022

October Newsletter and guest author Paula Benge.

September 2022

September Newsletter and guest author Kit McKenna.

August 2022

August Newsletter and guest author Brenda Clark Thomas.

July 2022

July Newsletter sees Shadows, How to Trap a Soul, and Amazon sales.

June 2022

June Newsletter highlights magazines, collections, and audiobooks.

May 2022

May Newsletter includes a poet, a gentleman, and a shadowed soul.

April 2022

April newsletter highlights A Gentleman from the Darkness and Shadowed Souls, as well as an author feature for Dee Britt.

March 2022

Happy Spring and have a look at the March newsletter.

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