Hell is Empty

A Friday the 13th series, part 3.

A part of the Friday the 13th series, known for its blend of mystery and supernatural elements. This short story follows the unsettling and eerie experiences of its characters, fitting well into the series’ dark and suspenseful themes. The book has received positive feedback for its engaging plot and atmospheric writing. It was an honorable mention winner in the mystery-supernatural category of BookFest Fall 2023.

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Now in Audible, narrated by the great voice of Tom Haire. Sample below.

The worst monsters are human.

A man’s wife dies unexpectedly in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and his teenage foster daughter, Miomir, comes under suspicion after four of the girl’s classmates die by poisoning. Professor Filíp Nekola must protect his younger wards, siblings brought to him six years earlier when a government assassin, Karanosz Tasev, killed the children’s parents. A detective appears, offering information that Tasev seeks Miomir.

Nekola is detained by the Czech government’s secret police, the StB, and the children are left alone with Miomir and her friends. They witness the teenagers performing a dark ritual to destroy Miomir’s enemies. Filíp Nekola must escape the secret police, rescue the children, and stop the assassin Tasev before he steals another life.

Cover by Mark Edward Jones.

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