Servants, Slaves and Sinners: A Life in Virginia

What 17th century every day life may have been like in Virginia    January 8, 2018

Enjoyable Tale of Early America,  March 25, 2017

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“I haven’t read a lot of books about this particular era of American history so I took the opportunity when I came across this book to take a chance and learn more about our country’s earliest settlers and I’m glad I did! I found the book a quick read, while also being enlightening and informative. Mark does a great job returning you to those early years and the stories he shares are no doubt at the ancestral root of many people living in America today.”

Good Historical Fiction on the Common Man’s Life in 17th-Century Virginia,  March 29, 2017

This review is from: New Beginnings: A New Home

“Mark Jones does a great job of bringing to life the story of life for the common man in 17th century Virginia. If you are interested in American history, before it became the United States, I strongly suggest you get this book to read. It will make you appreciate what the early settlers of 17th-century America had to endure. It is fiction but follows events that occurred in Virginia and how the “common” person had to deal with the many hardships.

One thing the story ends wanting to read more stories about the main character John Cleburne. Does he find true love, does he have a hard, but good life when his indentured service ends. Hopefully, Mark Jones has another book coming to continue John Cleburne’s life.”

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