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Mark Edward Jones is a retired higher education finance professional turned award-winning author. He began his writing career after retiring in 2017 and has since written several award-winning books and short stories, primarily in the mystery, thriller, and paranormal genres.

Jones is best known for his Detective Henry Ike Pierce series. The first book, Peculiar Activities, was published in October 2021 and won first place in the mystery category of the 2019 Oklahoma Writers Federation contest. The second book in the series, Shadowed Souls, was released in 2022, with a third book, Glass, expected in 2025. This manuscript won first place in the mystery category of the 2024 Oklahoma Writers Federation annual contest, his second win in five years. His work often features intricate plots and well-developed characters, making his novels a favorite among mystery and thriller enthusiasts.

Mark is one of thirteen authors who release thirteen mystery, suspense, and horror stories each Friday the 13th. Each story is separate and contains 13 chapters and 13,000 words, and the antagonists and protagonists must have 13 letters in their names.

Mark’s stories are successive snapshots of an evil assassin and his odd family. His first, A Gentleman from the Darkness, was released on May 13, 2022. January 13, 2023, was the next release in the series Hell is Empty. October 13, 2023, was the release date for A Wicked Fate. Two more short stories are coming in 2024: Dormer on September 13th and Dormer Christmas on December 13th.

The Man in the Fedora is an edited compilation of three stories about Karanosz Tasev, the Macedonian assassin. It was released in March.

Mark is working on a sci-fi/mystery called Tempus Mors. The expected publication is 2024. A draft of this story won third place in the OKC Writers’ Group 2023 contest for Adult Book, and a short piece from the story won first place in flash fiction and crème de la crème of the contest.

His flash fiction piece, “Alone in Warsaw,” was published in the Autumn 2019 edition of Painted Words, a U.K. publication.

Artwork by Amanda Steele and Printed Words.

Mark grew up in Duncan, Oklahoma, and attended the University of Oklahoma, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science and public administration.

He and his wife have three grown children, their first grandson, and will celebrate their forty-third anniversary in November 2024.

Mystery/suspense/international intrigue novels are his favorite reads, and he’s found a niche with medieval murder mysteries, noting it’s interesting to see the lifestyles from other eras and how crimes were solved.

His favorite music includes Elvis, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Boz Scaggs (among many others).

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