Reviews – A Wicked Fate

“A Wicked Fate continues Mark Edward Jones’ mesmerizing tales that center around an assassin and his beautiful but deadly protégé. The writing is smart, engaging, and fast-paced. Czech it out! It will leave you gasping and you won’t be burned (unless you cross certain people).”

“The short yet fantastically wicked story hooked me from the opening. I love it when an author can set a ‘tone’ and this author does an excellent job with the atmospheric setting of doom. I was also impressed by the detail and authenticity of the Czech people, language, and setting. It seems as though the author either spent some time there or is very good at research. The characters are well-developed and the evil villains will give you shivers.”

“Suspense from start to finish. Truly maniacal villains make this a page-turner. If you like thrillers you’ve got to check this out.”

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