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Reviews – A Gentleman from the Darkness

Offered by Susie Black, author of Death by Sample Size and Death by Pins and Needles.

A 1968 pro-democracy movement in communist-controlled Czechoslovakia called the “Prague Spring” was led by intellectuals and University professors known as the “Group of Thirty.” The revolt was brutally put down by the Russian military. A Gentleman from the Darkness is the story behind the story of this doomed uprising. 
Focusing on the fate of three families, the plot of Mark Edward Jones’ heart-pounding, riveting thriller is cleverly told from the point of view of the prey as well as the Russian hitmen tasked to systematically eliminate them. 
Author Jones’ tightly written story grabs readers by the throat on page one and never lets them go. The plot threads are woven together by love, loss, courage, weakness and strength, the devastation of betrayal and trust, and finding redemption by facing one’s challenges head-on rather than looking away.
Jones has created a cast of flawed but believable characters who put everything on the line when it counts the most. The characters evoke strong emotions in readers right from the beginning in this parable of good versus evil in a capsulized sliver of society that defines the best and worst in human beings. 
A gritty, gut-wrenching story, A Gentleman from the Darkness is a take-no-prisoners, mind-boggling, nail-biting tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat and up way past your bedtime turning the pages because you’ll never fall asleep until you find out what happens next. Given the timeliness of what is going on in the world today, Jones’ stinging indictment of the evil perpetrated by sheer power has more than earned the five-star rating this reader has awarded it.

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