A Gentleman from the Darkness

A Friday the 13th Story. Facebook link to series with twelve other authors. Amazon.

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The Prince of Darkness is a Gentleman.” King Lear.

Cover artist: Mark Edward Jones

2023 third-place winner in the Bookfest Spring 2023 mystery-thriller category.

An excerpt from A Gentleman from the Darkness won second place in the flash fiction category of the Oklahoma City Writers 2022 writing contest.

In 1968, the secretive Group of Thirty resisted the new Czech regime installed after the Prague Spring. Professor Valentýn Hrubý leads this campus group, fighting for the reforms crushed by Russian tanks. Hrubý keeps lists to help his forgetfulness, and the authorities discover one of these lists, one that shows the names of his associates. The new government hires an assassin to track and dispose of the group’s members. Dressed in a three-piece suit and topped by his ever-present black fedora, Karanosz Tasev stalks his prey.

It is Friday, twelve days before Christmas, and the wolf has arrived.

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